Clino® Profi C7 MF

The large cleaning trolley with the innovative MopFloat system.

Article Number 2097900
  • Cleaning method: Validatable results with the innovative MopFloat-method
  • Highest efficiency in single- and two-step technique
  • Easy and safe to handle with only one dosing process
  • Contact-free handling without any exerting force
  • Only about 1 per cent deviation precise impregnation in only one dosing process
  • Attachments retractable in retirement
  • High stability through tubular frame construction
  • Delivery completely built up


Working dimension (LxWxH) 131 x 58 x 107 cm
Dimension (LxWxH) 90 x 58 x 133 cm
Basic components Base module large
Stainless steel
Double ball-bearinged guide wheels 125 mm
Work sector MopFloat CR with set of dosing ring 250 ml
15 l and 25 l bucket
Supply 3 trays
3 6-litre buckets
Disposal Unit 2 x 70 l


Image shows model with accessories

Additional information

Dimensions 51 × 54 × 101 cm
Article Number