Clino® STEC7

Closed appearance, open function: the system trolley for hygienically sensitive areas.

Article Number 3077670
  • Floor cleaning: flat wringer Ringo, mop-reuse-technique, the mop is used for more wiping processes
  • Possible cleaning procedure: single- and dual-stage
  • MultiBox with enormous storage space, extendable and lockable
  • With PluBox system for the easy impregnation of mop covers an cloth
  • Disposal unit at rest can be folded in, every time exchangeable and expandable
  • Delivery completely built-up
  • System components customisable in colour concepts of the “Clino Couture”


Working dimension (LxWxH) 155 x 61 x 115 cm
Dimension (LxWxH) 107 x 61 x 115 cm
Basic components Base module large
Stainless steel
Double ball-bearinged guide wheels 125 mm
3 ErgoGrip
Work sector Ringo ST flat wringer
15 l and 25 l bucket
Bottle holder ClinoBar
Supply 3 MultiBoxes
4 7-litred Clino PlusBoxes
Disposal Unit 2 x 70 l

Image shows model with accessories.

Additional information

Dimensions 51 × 54 × 101 cm
Article Number